TurrisOS 3.11.2 in RC

Dear Turris users,

we just pushed Turris OS 3.11.2 into RC phase. Most outstanding changes are update of knot-resolver that should help in various corner cases and a little bit updated WiFi drivers. We also fixed few minor issues in Pakon plugin for Foris. Apart from that it contains kernel update and few other packages were updated as well.

As always we appreciate any feedback.


Perhaps worth mentioning explicitly in the release notes that tar and xz been added to core and with the former in place now schnapps export should work out of the box.

wireguard version bumped to latest 20181218 :+1:


It works for me. DNS works, and WiFi does too.

RC installed and it seems that everything works well.

Turris 1.0
Settings collectd and graphs disappeared in LUCI.

EDIT: I’m sorry, helped restart collectd.

What exactly means this?

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This? https://openwrt.org/releases/17.01/changelog-17.01.6#wirelesscommon_11_changes

Pakon in Foris is restless. Opera, IE and Chrome. Full screen.

Not sure whether this might be some critical issue with BTRFS RAID 1

BTRFS: device label srv devid 1 transid 17245 /dev/sda3
BTRFS info (device sda3): disk space caching is enabled
BTRFS: has skinny extents
BTRFS: failed to read the system array on sda3
BTRFS: open_ctree failed
BTRFS: device label srv devid 2 transid 17245 /dev/sda4
BTRFS info (device sda4): disk space caching is enabled
BTRFS: has skinny extents
BTRFS: detected SSD devices, enabling SSD mode

btrfs filesystem show -m

Label: ‘srv’ uuid: 67eccb2b-cc29-4414-966e-0ff205bb5d3f
Total devices 2 FS bytes used 4.88GiB
devid 1 size 463.49GiB used 5.01GiB path /dev/sda3
devid 2 size 463.54GiB used 5.01GiB path /dev/sda4

Thanks to reporting. Maybe it could be related to https://gitlab.labs.nic.cz/turris/foris-pakon-plugin/issues/28
However, I can’t tell as I’m not sure about it. I have notified @miska about the bug, which you have found.
Right now, we are not sure, if the fix will make it into 3.11.2.

My pakon is ok (Turris Omnia). It works even with lots of data, displaying a month.

will mwan3 be fixed in this release?

We’re still working on it.

One glitch: probably this commit in combination with this one broke my BigClown mqtt gateway (installed by the guide on BC website, no extras).

My reasoning is the following:

17:37:29 info updater[8718]: updater.lua:100 (Globals): Queue install of mosquitto-ssl/turris/1.5.3-3
17:37:32 info updater[8718]: updater.lua:119 (Globals): Queue removal of mosquitto-nossl

This seems my mosquitto-nossl got uninstalled and mosquitto-ssl installed, but the rc.d file for automatic startup got deleted by this step. In result, the mosquitto service wasn’t autostarted and the mqtt clients could not connect. Am I right? Is there a way to overcome this so that the same doesn’t happen to other BC users?

Good catch. I have forwarded to @shenek and we’ll see if there’s something what we can do about it.

We just released an update to RC, contains mainly few additional updates.

When you plan to fix creating access tokens (or new mobile app)?
see https://forum.test.turris.cz/t/turris-mobile-app-android/3560/37, https://forum.test.turris.cz/t/how-where-to-create-access-token/8969/10

I’m afraid this is not related to this RC thread. For more details, please look here:

If you’re not able to use provided QR code inside the Turris app, try it to scan with different QR scanner and then it should work.