TurrisOS 3.10.5 is out!

Dear Turris users,

we just released Turris OS 3.10.5. Why so fast? There were reports that updated DHCPv6 client can cause some issues with some misconfigured DHCPv6 servers. We are addressing it by updating the client to the newer upstream version and disabling some features by default. Apart from that we added few more minor things and polishing that we didn’t managed to get into 3.10.4. Release notes are as follows:

  • kernel, odhcpv6, twisted, openssh: update
  • ca-certificates: package for ca bundle
  • base: enable TCP fast open
  • haas-proxy: more robust CPU usage limits
  • odhcpv6: disable unicast support (caused problems in some networks), can be enabled in /etc/config/network

Enjoy and if you encounter any issues let us know.

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Does this cover CVE-2018-15473?

Yes. We have updated openssh to version 7.7p1 and also backported fix for CVE, which you mention.
You can see it here:

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Nice, temperature drop down by 5 degree :smiley:


after last upgrade I have a problem with openssh. It is not possible to run a ssh tunnel with w option (to create a tun tunnel to remote machine).
After running a command
ssh root@remote -w any:any
I get
Tunnel device open failed.
Could not request tunnel forwarding.
After a little bit of digging I found out it might an issue with openssh version>7.7p1.
Src: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=236373

Edit: downgrading of openssh-client and openssh-client-utils to 7.6p1 (using turris version 3.10.4) according to this guide “solved” the issue.

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Hi, my oldest blue TURRIS 1.0 - with last update 3.10.5 works fine, temperature approx. drop down by 5-6 degree, but… PAKON in graphical interface doesn’t work properly - there is sometimes box with timeout… so this is unusable most time. But this small error is not critical for router :slight_smile: probably it will be due more robust CPU usage limits…


thank you for your bug report, but the bug should be (if is not reported already) to upstream because it seems to be the bug in OpenSSH.

Anyway, we’ve updated the OpenSSH package to version 7.8p1 two days ago in the nightly branch so it will be part of the next release. If you want, you can try to install the OpenSSH from nightly or you can try nightly branch, but be aware that it sometimes requires intervention and it is just for experienced.

Before you’ll decide to report the bug elsewhere than here I recommend you to try the latest version.

BTW: We don’t recommend to have an older version of Turris OS, because e.g. you can be vulnerable to security issues.

Noticed since this release:

  • schnapps rollback is creating a snapshot but lacking a Description
  • message log is not being rolled over but just keeps on growing in size instead
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