Turris wifi signal interuption

I had Turris omnia for 1 week and I like it. It seems very nice
but I returned from vacation yesterday
And I got wifi signal interruptions all the time
I did have physical barrier between turris and my laptop and I am aware that wifi is sensitive even when person makes physical barrier
I put Turris on top of my desk instead on top of my pc and no interruptions

Can any of more experienced network engineers tell me more about this.
This can’t be turris related?
it is the nature of wifi signal?

Regards and thanks for awesome router,
Nikola Mandic

Can you search in your system log for the following (LuCi–>Status–>System Log)

disconnected due to excessive missing ACKs

hm I forgot my pass I reseted it now I’ll wait for a while and report back

actually it says exactly that disconnected due to excessive missing ack
then I move it on top of the desk and bam it connects
I used 2.4 ghz 40hz

I’m facin same issue with wifi connection. Is there any suggested solution?

Yes. There is.
You can stay in stable branch, because update is ahead (hopefully this week) or you can opt nightly branch as @miska suggested in his post

for example, what helped me.

uci set updater.override=override; uci set updater.override.branch=stable; uci commit; updater.sh; reboot