Turris Wifi Extenders?

I have a Turris Omnia and a half-working Linksys Velop Mesh system I use to increase coverage over my whole house. I say half working as 2 nodes have wired backhaul, but the third uses wifi backhaul and causes problems for my clients (although only Linux client for some reason).

It would be great if there was a product from Turris which would seek out the Turris Omnia router on the network and auto-configure itself as a wifi AP. Hopefully this isn’t just a pipe-dream and could be looked at once the Omnia 2022 comes out?


As far as I know the MOX is able to pull these information from a appropriately configured Turris Omnia if it is connected via ethernet (I doubt that this is even technically possible via Wi-Fi, at least for FOSS). Have a look here: Netboot - Turris Documentation


Thanks for this.

Somehow my brain had considered the MOX hardware more of a closed ecosystem. That they would work well with each other, but not older Omnias. And I never even thought to look into it. Shows how an incorrect assumption can cause havoc with your plans :frowning:

Will read up on this and investigate.

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