Turris Stickers

Curious, does anyone know where or if Turris stickers can be purchased anywhere?

Didn’t see any in the Turris swag shop or on redbubble.

Any intent to make some stickers?

I would probably buy some swag just as an add-on to get some stickers haha :slight_smile:

I think there could be a way that you can get some stickers from us. Don’t hesitate to reach me privately you might even want to consider encrypting the email content using GPG against unwanted parties. Also, in the meantime, passed your feedback to someone, who is responsible for a swag shop and we will see. :wink:

Thanks, I actually found some I had left from Scale :slight_smile:

I can just use these for now.

@pepe dealing Turris stickers via encrypted e-mails. Have you considered a darknet?