Turris Shield device tree file


I read that the Shield hardware is like MOX A + C in a single case:

Does that mean that the Shield uses the same kernel device tree file configuration?


Hi @diegorondini,

Turris Shield has a different target audience than any other device created by us. There is also simplified software, which provides a simple way to protect and secure your entire home or office by using a dynamic adaptive firewall, automatic updates, and other features for users who are not IT experts or insiders.

We appreciated your interest in the DTS of Turris Shield, but changing it or doing any further modifications is not supported by its shipped software in Turris Shield.

Hi @Pepe,

I understand that the stock Turris Shield software is “simplified” with respect to the MOX or Omnia products.

As CZ.NIC is an upstream contributor:
and vastly benefits from a plethora of upstream projects like OpenWRT, etc, I would expect CZ.NIC to support the open source community in its upstreaming efforts.

So the questions is not about the preloaded Turris Shield software, but if I can use a generic ARM64 Linux distro using the MOX U-Boot & kernel dts (→ dtb) files.

I acknowledge “using Turris OS is the only way Turris products are meant to be used, and I will get no support if I install a generic Linux”, but hey, by telling the untold truth you’d get my money (and love from the open source community that your product is built upon).

I believe you can do that but you should not expect support for that.
i also guess turris supports openwrt by pushing changes back…

Well, this is obvious. I don’t expect Microsoft to support me if I install Linux on my PC. But this forum is:

For help with advanced setups, you might want to check our forum, which is a platform for our users to discuss among themselves and to help each other even with unsupported scenarios.


Yes, they do, but some things take (too much?) time to go upstream. For example basic MOX support for OpenWRT is not yet upstream and still “wip”:

There are 13 patches from CZ.NIC in the main openwrt repo since 2016:

Returning to the main topic, if anybody has a Turris Shield device the output of the following command will probably help to get an answer.

# ls -l /boot

I am going to answer you in full honesty. Turris Shield is rebranded low end Turris Mox. Kernel, device tree and all are the same. Well at least at the moment, can’t guarantee that with any future batch of Shields but if we in any future have different hardware the kernel support is going to land in upstream for sure eventually.

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Sadly, some of our developers use their private e-mails ocasionally :cry: there are some more, e.g.:

and PS: also look into feed/packages project:

Honesty is really appreciated, and I think Turris Shield makes sense as a product: a non-modular MOX hardware with a software with a specific target.
While I’m a happy owner of a Turris Omnia and use it with stock software, I’m not interested in the Shield software. Now I’m interested in buying the Turris Shield hardware though.

I’m really glad you work with upstream kernel as much as possible.

I see… you should really encourage the CZ.NIC team to use their work address though, if the upstreaming work is paid by CZ.NIC. Open source contributions are a seen as a value by open source hackers, which are among the target customers of your products.

Anyway, I digrees.

Thank you for your answers!

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