Turris OS version in Luci?

Trife: Could there be a Turris OS version number in Luci - Overview like in Foris - About ?

LuCI shows the version number at the bottom of each page (in the footer), e.g., Powered by LuCI branch (git-21.048.62294-9df7ea4) / TurrisOS 5.1.9 6bf5bfc19f8442bdce42eae0769e7095a1ea8add.

Yes, and the same can be found in System - Overview.

We are not planning to have it exactly as it is in re/Foris. The hash which you see there e.g. 6bf5bfc19f8442bdce42eae0769e7095a1ea8add is commit hash from OpenWrt main repository.

If you are asking about Turris OS 3.x, then no. The only way is to upgrade your router by using experimental migration (it’s good to wait until Turris OS 5.2 is released) or by using reflash.

Yes , I’m talking about versions 3.11.xx. Thanks for answer.

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