Turris OS version and nightlies

I’m trying to work out what the latest released Turris OS is for the Omnia, but I can’t find any information apart from https://gitlab.labs.nic.cz/turris/openwrt/blob/test/CHANGELOG
Is there a place that lists the current Turris OS version released?
That changelog lists a version 3.3 where as my router reports the following:

Turris OS version	3.2.1
Kernel version	4.4.13-05df79f63527051ea0071350f86faf76-9

How do I know my router has the latest version and the updater is functioning correctly? Is there some way to trigger an update?

Here’s the result of running updater.sh:

root@turris:~# updater.sh
WARN:Lock on //var/lock/opkg.lock released by garbage collector
uci: Entry not found
uci: Entry not found

Does this mean it worked and I’m up to date (I feel I should be seeing version 3.3 somewhere) and these are just updater.sh warnings?

I also understand that there are nightly builds for Turris OS but I can’t seem to find any information on how to switch over to them. Does anyone have any further information on this?

You are looking at test branch in git repo which corresponds to the nightlies. But if you looked at master branch, you’ll see pretty much the same as the new release is in the last stage of testing and will be released soon. Currently there is an wiki article in review queue that will explain all the branches and how to switch between them. But long story short, there is nightly branch that breaks from time to time and is highly experimental and another useful branch is rc which is almost released version, typically from few days up to week before release is made public for everybody. You can switch to one of them using following commands:

uci set updater.override=override; uci set updater.override.branch=nightly; uci commit

And yes, running updater.sh ensures all your software is up to date in respect to the current branch.


And what means this? How can I get rid of it?

They are coming from the notifier script that updater is running.

# uci get user_notify.smtp.to
uci: Entry not found
# uci get user_notify.smtp.from
uci: Entry not found

You can probably silence those by giving those entries some value.

Well, this should arrive today ?

Update of router Turris to Turris OS version 3.3 is planned for Thu December 8, 2016. This update requires restart of the device and its installation can take a few minutes.

List of changes:

Update of kernel to the latest version.
Fixes and improvements of updater-ng - collision solving, priorities support and other.
Update of WiFi drivers to the latest LEDE version, Candela Technologies driver for ath10k.
New minipots for uCollect - HTTP and alternative Telnet port.
Added new DVB tuner drivers.
QoS software Wondershaper replaced by SQM (Smart Queue Management).
Basic support for local domain in Knot resolver.

Routers Turris 1.0 and 1.1 will also receive fixes and updates from Turris OS 3.2 already present on Turris Omnia, including the new design of the Foris interface.

I just upgraded to 3.3.


Beginner question: I have automatic updates activated, but:

  • Should I manually restart the turris?
  • How could we know the changelog?


Yes, this “big” update requires restart. (also it should be mention in your mailbox and also in Foris UI)
Changelog should (if you setup it right) be in your mailbox.

@Pepe: Thanks for your answer.

With all the issues people seem to be having (including me) with 3.3 is there a compelling reason to upgrade?

I had absolutely no major issues, just a couple scripts that needed to be re-enabled on boot.