Turris OS for a thesis

I’m doing my thesis with Turris Omnia. I’ve got a task to build Turris OS with only necessary packages (drivers, etc), Kismet Drone in kernel for sniffing and performance monitor to test performance of Omnia working with necessary packages only + Kismet Drone. I do all this following this instruction https://doc.turris.cz/doc/en/howto/turris_os_build with Vagrant. But every time I get errors while compiling. And it’s my first time building any OpenWrt builds and working with Linux. Can anybody help?

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is it your thesis project is to benchmark the hardware in detail, or to build the software?

Actually, it is to build the software but I need to test performance when working too

Hello I just updated documentation for Turris OS builds. Using compile_fw is preferred approach because otherwise you are skipping patch application on feeds. So please try to use our script.

Also try to build some other commits from Turris OS git just to be sure that you are not building some broken version.

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