Turris OS 7.0.1 is in RC!

Actually I bookmarked reForis and LuCI - so that message I shared is that what was shown with direct access. Cleared cache, used another browser - problem stayed.

Today all failed -
Luci Errors (direct link)

/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:431: /etc/config/luci seems to be corrupt, unable to find section ‘main’

TypeError boardinfo.release is undefined

reForis (direct link)

TypeError: u.data.modules is undefined

Wifi Status light is gone, Wifi connection too - ethernet still working.

THX to @TomasZak

@miska … Why this version of TurrisOS 7.0.1 is not in stable branch too?


Look out, summer is coming!

My guess is due to several reports of kernel crashes on the rc…

Yes, this is the reason.

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Unfortunately, this leads to so many questions. What about having the same kernel version as in Turris OS 7.0.0? Wouldn’t it be helpful?
The RC version has this commit: openwrt: Update kernel to 5.15.156 (ccd73f9c) · Commits · Turris / Turris OS / Turris Build · GitLab , so revert it, push new RC and that’s it. It will also help the silence that has been here for about a month, though.

Then, if you have time, look at the latest 5.15 kernel, if it helps, and discuss it with the community when you are not able to reproduce it on your own.


Hi, do you need the crashlogs or test device? I have no problem testing new kernel - say with offloading compile time disabled. And I actually made a medkit a month ago and can share the link for download.


test device would be great. Is it possible for you to prepare remote access? And do you have a serial converter?

Hi, yes and yes - DM me for access credentials.
I’ve experimented yesterday with it, and it seems that the crash doesn’t happen without thought traffic. I’ve set the router outside of normal traffic flow and the crash doesn’t happen. Just accessing/pinging the device doesn’t trigger it either. But as soon as I connect again real internet upstream it goes into reboot loop. I’ve captured the logs and can make them available


Don’t disturb. Turris team is busy with the new web framework migration.

Source: Project public GitLab.


until @mbehun figures out what is wrong in the kernel, we are once again reverting the kernel update and we will do release 7.0.1 without it in the meantime.

New changelog is as follows:

:pushpin: Updates
• openssh: Update to 9.8p1 (Security update)
• ethtool: Update to 6.6
• iproute2: Update to 6.7.0
• cronie: Update to 1.7.2
• schnapps: Update to 2.13.1 - support for Turris 1.x

:bug: Bug Fixes
• transmission: Downgrade to version 3 as new version seems to have some issues
• modem-manager-autosetup: Proceed with configuration even for unknown service providers

:boom: Breaking Changes
• Drop experimental mwifiex-nxp driver (not used anywhere)


This 7.0.1 is o.k (hbt). No kernel crash. Thanks

Happens with 7.0.0 too.

lighttpd restart is needed

~# service lighttpd restart

Very interesting non used breaking change. Too bad, there are several versions of this driver.

I can offer MOX device for testing, if you’ll need it. For time being it"s spare testing device.
MOX classic, HBK branch, .5 GB, 2x WiFi, simple config.
Note it’s behind main Turris Omnia router :wink:

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