Turris OS 6.5.1 is in RC

I was able to fix this.

The updater downloads a list of packages to /usr/share/updater/pkglists.json

The JSON inside it broken in the end:

"firmware_update": {
                "title": "Latest firmware",
                "description": "Keeps your NOR content, MCU firmware and factory image up-to-date",
ifndef(OMNIA,           "description": "Keeps your NOR content and factory image up-to-date",)
                "labels": ["experimental"],
                "options": {
                        "nor": {
                                "title": "U-Boot and rescue image",
                                "labels": ["experimental", "advanced"],
                                "description": "Most risky option, U-Boot is needed to boot your board. In case something goes wrong, your router will not boot and you will need to reflash it using serial cable.
                                "url": "https://docs.turris.cz/hw/omnia/serial-boot/"

                        "mcu": {
                                "title": "MCU",
                                "description": "Controls power distribution and LEDs. Dont reboot during update
                        "factory": {
                                "title": "Factory image",
                                "description": "Keeps image that is used for factory reset up to date. The safest option of all."

Here you may see ifndef(OMNIA, and broken JSON like missing commas.

I opened the file and just removed the whole “firmware_update” section. Note that the trailing comma from previous drivers needs to be removed.
Then I executed pkgupdate and it looks successful INFO:Target Turris OS: 6.5.1.
I don’t know how long this fix will work but hope for now it will stop annoying.

Dear Turris Team, please have a look.