Turris OS 6.4.1 is released!

Update Turris Omnia v6.3.3 → v6.4.1.
Went well, except snapshots.

After the update and reboot, schnapps commands got blocked with CLI message:

root@Turris:~# schnapps list
ERROR: Something is already in '/mnt/.snapshots'
root@Turris:~# cat /mnt/.snapshots/131.info 
DESCRIPTION="Automatic pre-update snapshot (TurrisOS 6.3.3 - hbs)"
CREATED="2023-08-14 09:59:09 +0200"

Deleted the 131.info file and schnapps was working again.

The update process just had not made the pre and post snapshosts. Left behind with the last “Snapshot created by cron”.

First time that update snapshots are not working with v6.

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