Turris OS 5 is coming

Huawei SmartAX MA5671A ONT SFP for GPON networks not working.

Not sure whether you perhaps read [7] and the conclusion?

And then there is [8] which however would need to be uplifted to OpenWrt | TOS stable branches.

[7] Supported SFP modules
[8] https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=commit;h=1c16b574c4f77a30a0268acee30be96ae0dc5948

To me a bigger argument for 5.4 seems that 4.19 is announced to EOL at the end of 2020 already.

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Well, they will be cutting it close with a branch off in July, unless they bork it up the same way as 19.07.

They could also stay with 4.14 with EoL by Jan, 2024. :smirk:

There is much missing in 4.19 … does not make sense to deploy it now, but then 5.4 is not even introduced yet in the OpenWrt Master branch.

Debian 10 using 4.19. It will be prolonged same as 3.16 for Debian 8 with EOL in June 2020.


I know you are usually announcing here when some major branch change is being made but is there an up-to-date document/pinned post describing their current state?

Something like this? https://docs.turris.cz/basics/changelog/

EDIT: not much about “future” releases in there, if that’s what you wanted; also https://docs.turris.cz/basics/tos_versions/

And it´s reason why I need kernel 4.19.

You mean the SFP patches? Those are currently not available in kernel 4.19 either, or even kernel 5.4, unless backported [8]

Backport the phy/phylink/sfp patches currently queued in netdev or in mainline





Yes really, those patches are currently not included in kernel 4.19 or 5.4, unless backported. The emphasis is on backported and that is what those OpenWrt commits are.

The source code repository for those patches is


That aside, OpenWrt may not even branch off a release with kernel 4.19 in March and instead skip ahead to a release with kernel 5.4 at a later date - depending on the outcome of the aforementioned poll. And current results are 12 votes in favour of 5.4 vs. 11 votes in favour of 4.19 with 8 eligible votes pending, not sure when the poll is to closed.

You can track our work on Gitlab (https://gitlab.labs.nic.cz/groups/turris/-/issues?scope=all&utf8=✓&state=opened&milestone_title=Turris%20OS%205.0, https://gitlab.labs.nic.cz/groups/turris/-/merge_requests?scope=all&utf8=✓&state=opened&milestone_title=Turris%20OS%205.0)

I am not sure what information you want to know. In general we are not working with roadmap. We release when it is ready. That means that we don’t have some pinned date or state updates. Everything in reality is in public on our Gitlab.

I want exactly this kind of information:

But I guess it is partially derivable from this documentation page.

Results are in (though void of targeted branch off date)

5.4 kernel is prefered for the next release as this option got 14 votes, whereas 4.19 kernel got 13 votes.

Probably a relief for the TOS developer team not having to carry yet another branch any time soon.

[9] http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/openwrt-adm/2020-February/001316.html

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Turris OS 6 with kernel 5.4 sounds good. I believe in an early release of Turris OS 5 (unfortunately without kernel 4.19). Turris OS 3 and 4 are obsolete.

According to the workflow it would have to traverse the build chain to HBS

Branch for the real releases that are deployed to the end users automatically.

whilst TOS4.x currently occupying slots: HBK -> HBT -> HBS.

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