Turris OS 5.3 is released!

I’m already back on OS 5.2.7. Everything works OK here. I don’t have time for testing at the moment, I need the router to work 100%. I will try the update again later.

I want to help you more, but since you are not able to provide more details right now, I’m not able to help you without more details.

RC version was for more than two weeks in the testing branch, and no one reported such behavior on support or even on the forum.

In the meantime, you should check your microSD card if it is ok. Feel free to reach our technical suport department anytime.

Since the Update, foris and the backup option is gone. Is there any way to get foris working?

Omnia rebooted while update without inquiry - seems like crash. Is that normal precedure?

Indeed, Foris was removed in this update unless there are dependencies that depend on it, like Pakon or Nextcloud. These days, we focus on reForis (redesigned Foris), which is a modern, intuitive user interface for our routers. It can also be an advantage because when Foris and reForis were installed side by side, they ran simultaneously and consumed the hardware resources (most likely RAM), so now you should have more RAM available. Some tabs in Foris were deprecated, and we are no longer developing Foris.

Foris is not entirely removed. It is available to install it using our feeds. In the upcoming Turris OS 6.0 based on OpenWrt 21.02, we will farewell Foris once for all.

For backups, you might want to consider using Schnapps.


Thanks for your great work and the great support.

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After the update to 5.3.0, my lxc containers didnt start. Looking at logs lxc-start reported that it couldnt find anything inside /srv/lxc, and indeed /srv/ is empty except for the logs and .lighttpd-tmp folders?

Did the update format my external drive?

Edit i found something potentially fishy:

root@turris:/srv# df -h .
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda                 50.0M     64.0K     49.9M   0% /srv
root@turris:/srv# lsblk
sda            8:0    0  1.8T  0 disk /srv

Shouldn’t the size reported by df -h . be the size of the disk i.e. 1.8T? That’s what it does on my pc

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¨Po aktualizaci je nedostupný internet. Celkově nepoužitelné. K-O. Pomohl až rolback na předchozí verzi. Turris 1.x

MOX classic, WiFi, .5 GB, simple config, update to 5.3 from 5.2.7 (HBS branch) OK (didn’t wake up after sw reboot via CLI, after power off/on woke). All seems to work.

Update went smooth but in section „Data Collection“ of section „Sentinel“ when I want to save my settings for the License Agreement a red banner on top of the page says „Unknown API error“.
Also when I choose section „Region & Time“ in section „Administration“ nothing is shown except an unknown API error that occured.

I am on a blue Omnia with 1GB and internal SSD.

Greetings, Michi

Nápodobně u Omnie. U mě zabral až x-tý restart. Poté jsem znovu spustil aktualizace a dotáhnul se zbytek. Omnie neodpovídala ani na web přístup (terminál jsem nestihl otestovat, když to nakonec naskočilo).

Turris Omnia, upgrade from 5.2.7 to 5.3.0. No issues observed. Thanks for the update! :grinning:

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I have the same issue and I’ve been troubleshooting this for ages. Wish I’d checked here sooner!

In my case I was planning to wipe the LXC containers I had and replace them, but I can’t get my Omnia to mount the drive. At all, even if I try reformatting.

I can see the drive and UUID in reForis but interacting with them does nothing. In LuCI the drive does not appear. Previously it was visible in both reForis and LuCI.

Any tips on how to troubleshoot this further are appreciated.

looks the same here, the /dev/sda mount is just 50 MB
/dev/sda on reForis is the drive we have, in luci I guess we see what is actually happening
luci mounts

I also need to update my post. I’ve already figured out the guilty party. If I leave my external drive plugged in, the Omnia doesn’t boot at all (all the LEDs are lit). If I unplug it, the router boots up. When the disk is plugged in, it tries to boot, but from the sound, I would say the platters can’t spin up. Thus it looks like the disk has gone (same behavior in ntb with Linux and PC with Windows, the disk does not load). However, the router’s behavior caught me quite by surprise. So currently I just wrote off my movie collection, which doesn’t bother me that much. But it’s a strange coincidence.

Almost no problems.

  • syslog-ng refused to start with the @version I had in /etc/syslog-ng.conf (but since this is the 2nd update to break syslong-ng with a custom conf, this time I knew how to syslog-ng -f /etc/syslog-ng.conf -s -v); not sure why this keeps happening TBH;
  • email on notification broke again because of my mail server using my own PKI, had to re-add my root cert to /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt; this time I added a little script to take care of re-adding it to /etc/init.d, just in case ca-bundle updates again behind my back.

That’s about it. Good release, can’t say I’ll miss Foris much.

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I have an Omnia with the NAS dual SATA disk setup. This update removed mdadm and as a consequence broke all sorts of things. For unknown reasons after the reboot following the update, the Omnia was pingable but ssh wasn’t accepting connections.

Removing power and restarting enabled me to ssh in and reinstall and re-enable mdadm. Following that everything seems ok.

@KreMic I had the same, try flushing the browser cache.

Any hint on what the root cause might be?

Updater failed:
[string “transaction”]:327: [string “transaction”]:151: Collisions:
• /usr/sbin/tcpdump: tcpdump-mini (existing-file), tcpdump (new-file)

I get this notification from the router but on /usr/sbin there’s only tcpdump file and it’s a recurring notification.

Thanks in advance

@tonyquan Thanks for the tipp. I tried and the error in „Sentinel“ - „License Agreement“ disappeared but still persists in „Region and Time“ in „Administration“.

lxc broken by update here as well - but make sure you don’t depend on it like I did (remote upgrade via ssh tunnel running in lxc)
container restart fixes it though