Turris OS 5.2 is out!?

Announced on Reddit first?

Very interesting … :slight_smile:


I prepared it on Reddit and played with the schedule stuff, but it seems that I set an early date, and it got published earlier than it should. :frowning:

So, I hide it, and I hoped that it would do the rest. Unfortunately, it does not. What I did? I entirely deleted my post. Sometimes there is a way that you can recover it, but this time it was not possible. At least there won’t be an unwanted surprise.

I prepared the new Reddit post from scratch, so you can tell me if you like the latest version or not.

Anyway, Turris OS 5.2 will be related sooner than you can expect. Be patient. :crossed_fingers: Maybe, we can do hype for the release party? :tada:


OK, just thought I’d ask.

Keep up the good work.