Turris OS 5.2.2 is released

This is because of our defaults, we are using by default OpenSSL. I am aware that OpenWrt defaults are mbedTLS due to space limitations, most importantly that there was lack of support in hostapd, but they will be using wolfSSL in OpenWrt 21.02.

I agree with you that we should update or document it more. BFU can be confused when he received the message - package is missing. Did I do smth wrong or what should I do? Because of that, I created a few issues to create articles or improve our current documentation. It can be seen here https://gitlab.nic.cz/turris/user-docs/-/issues

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My humble opinion is that:

  • Automatic/security updates should only do minor upgrades and that these should never break (so no package removals or incompatible package upgrades :wink: ).
  • Major updates should be done manually, so I can take the time to read documentation, prepare to have to fix issues etc.

I am unsure if Turris has now adopted some sort of continuous integration strategy that does not include the separation between major and minor upgrades. If it has, that seems like a difficulty to me…

What are the logs that you’d like to see? What’ll help?

Everything what are you looking for is here described for such cases: https://docs.turris.cz/basics/support/

I had exactly the same experience, third time I had to cold reboot my MOX 512 A+D.
No biggie for me as I have update approval enabled.
Started with 5.2 if I recall correct.

Will contact support in the comming days so it is logged

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