Turris OS 5.1.9 is released!

Update worked smooth for 1 Turris Omnia 1GB and 1 MOX (PA(SDIO)B) configured as dump AP as well as for 1 Turris Omnia 2GB configured as LTE-Router.
The following issue applies to v.5.1.9, 5.1.8 and maybe earlier versions, I encountered it with 5.1.8 (as I only upgraded my TO from 3.x to 5.1.8):


seem to be related, this workaround solved my problems:

So there seems to be an issue with the DSA-implementation (as it only hits when using lanx.y to define VLANs per port, but not when using eth2.y) that is reproduceable in the current versions. Maybe the developers should have a look at this.