Turris OS 5.1.4 is out!

Does this announcement mean that the upgrade is no longer “HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL”?

I ask because the Package Lists section shown on the Foris Updater screen by my Turris Omnia running 3.11.21 still shows the following message, which doesn’t encourage me to enable this upgrade.

Migration to Turris OS 5.x (HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL)
This is experimental migration to the latest version of Turris OS. Make sure that you thoroughly read Redirecting... before enabling this!

Thanks in anticipation for advice.

Does this entering stable mean that all the missing functionality listed here has now been implemented? https://docs.turris.cz/geek/tos3_migration/

In other words: If this is pushed to my devices will I will lose functionality?

Nope, branches for TOS 3.x and 5.x are separate. There are stable releases for both. Migration has not yet been marked as stable, and in fact, people still do encounter problems. If all configuration you’ve done was via Foris, then it should be more or less usable, but if you ssh’d to your router and installed stuff manually, or used Luci, then expect problems.

Ok. I misunderstood the pinned message then. I was concerned this was about to arrive on both of my devices and I was going to lose server side backups.

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