Turris OS 4.0 (Here be dragons)

For most of the packages, yes. There are some that we are integrating or changing defaults to better match our hardware capabilities like enough RAM and such.


And which packages will that be?

What about the release cycle of updated userland packages - still being linked to a release of TOS or independent?

No definite list yet, even some integration will be in form of patches against OpenWRT feeds.

Which answers your other question, updates will depend on stable releases of OpenWRT we are basing Turris OS on. So we are not going to backport updates from master branches most of the time, but if something gets updated in official OpenWRT stable branches, it will get into next release. Unless it breaks something else :wink:

I am afraid not, but perhaps just me being thick through the skull. As far as I know updates of userland applications are not to tied to releases of the OpenWRT OS but being available in their feed when being through their test suite.

Which is apparently different to TOS where updates of userland apps are tied to the release of a new T OS version and thus arriving delayed to the user as each TOS release apparently covers other things than just one userland package.
What is the upside of this concept?

this doesn’t mean that we’ll release another Turris OS just as you want to have the latest version of some package.

P.S. The above quote is only meant to emphasise the tie in of package updates to TOS version releases whilst being aware that wireguard is a kernel module and not a userland application.

OpenWRT now has stable branches in most of their feeds which we intend to follow. So every minor release will probably see all the updates in respective branch of the feeds.

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Im a little confused could you clarify if i’m correct in my assumption because the openwrt omnia over on downloads.openwrt is only 5MB in size and also i not using the entire emmc and many other features missing in its “plain form”

https://repo.turris.cz/omnia-hbk/ (This has turris team modifications)
https://repo.turris.cz/omnia-hbd (This is a plain omnia openwrt)

No, both of them contain Turris team modifications. HBK is based on 18.06 OpenWRT branch and when time comes, will be rebased on 19.02 or whatever - latest branched of stable OpenWRT. HBD is based on OpenWRT master, so more bleeding edge and more often broken.

@miska thanks for the prompt reply. I have 1 other question. Do you guys have a list of all the modifications, packages etc that you guys bake into your image over plain openwrt. I would like to compare the 2 so as to get a better understanding of the 2. I love the turris OS functionality. There are however a few things I’m not a fan of (Same goes for openwrt plain and some of their questionable decisions imho) Any kind of documentation that differentiates the 2 would be wonderful and I’m sure the community would love to see it. This would also put into perspective for the people that do not understand why it takes so long for you guys to make the updates public.

No documentation, just a source code :slight_smile:

Plus our cleanup branch in Turris-OS-packages has priority over other feeds:

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It’s quite technical and changes too often - would be hard to keep it up to date. High level overview is we have Foris, updater, we use Btrfs and snapshots and full featured DNS resolver.

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@miska, @nones : I would like to test it too, but I am not sure, which directory on the SD card is used. There are several @ with number and one without on the card. And second question, do I have let everything on the card and only overwrite it with a content of the tarball?
Turris 1.1

In case of Turris 1.X, you replace content of @ subvolume with content of tarball and then you have to copy kernel and dtb from boot subdirectory to the first FAT partition on the card.

If you’re using Windows, formatting to EXFAT works to flash the router.

There isn’t any dtb file in /boot subdirectory, unfortunatelly :frowning:

How do I configure the kernel? I would like to add a driver.

Ano, to byl asi zaklad mého neúspěchu …

Nice! I have been waiting for newer release (with newer kernel) for some time as I need one specific kernel module unavailable for 4.4. Now, I’m starting to be afraid of merging huge amounts of code into my humble fork…

Do you have some kind of roadplan?

I installed the 18.06 (HBK) version on a test system last week, and it was great.
We had built 18.06 stock for Turris, but it had partition size issues and the like.
Will the turris-build scripts go away as everything goes upstream to openwrt?

Looks like :mrs_claus: could not be bothered :wink:

Looking at the codebase of the automatic HBD build (6651915789 | mvebu/cortexa9_vfpv3) being tagged 4.0-alpha1 a stable beta does not like to be in the books any time soon.