Turris OS 4.0 alpha4 is out!



ALLNET ALL4781-VDSL2-SFP / Switch Modul (Mini-GBIC) appears not to be working with SFP.

  • Changed the dbt link to sfp, rebooted
  • Corrected via LuCI the WAN port association to eth1 (initially it was set to eth2), rebooted

The log stating

mdio_bus f1072004.mdio-mii: /soc/internal-regs/mdio@72004/sfp has invalid PHY address

and then

mdio_bus f1072004.mdio-mii: scan phy sfp at address 0

mdio_bus f1072004.mdio-mii: scan phy sfp at address 31

No issues with the modem/SFP in the 3.x branch


It is not suggested to update from alpha2 because updater is going to remove device tree in /boot/dtb. You can if you want recreate link to chosen device tree which will fix that. Problem is described in this issue: https://gitlab.labs.nic.cz/turris/updater/updater/issues/260

Updating from subsequent versions is fully possible and is suggested.

(Also you could edit your previous post instead of creating new one)

I managed to reproduce that. I will look in to that, thank you for reporting it.