Turris OS 4.0.5 is released out!

ah right, that clears things up. I’ll better wait. Thanks for all your efforts!

You mean web UI or ssh cli? From the latter pkgupdate and if that produces errors it could be run with option

-e, --stderr-level=LEVEL   What level of messages to send to stderr

for a more verbose output to assist with debugging.

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Is there possibility to downgrade from Turris 4.x to 3.x? I tried it with a medkit and LAN interface does not come up (my desktop connected to Turris). If I use medkit from hbs folder (on gitlab) there is no problem at all.

I have Turris Omnia 2019 version.

Any help would be appreciated.

That hardware revision ships from factory with a new u-boot version that may not be compatible with TOS3.x. Revering to the older u-boot version might provide a solution but is not without hazard.

Though entirely being your business, but if you do not mind asking what is the motivation to downgrade, also considering that TOS3.x is almost at the end of its life cycle?

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Thanks for the response.

If you look at presentation of Turris 4.x you can found:
“Omnia has no SFP support and just one CPU port in switch”

I know it has SFP support but not as good as in version 3.x.

Yet another thing. My fellow worker owns Turris Omnia as well but he is able to login on https://project.turris.cz/ because of registration code you are able to get on version 3 only.
I want to manage email notification about uplink connectivity lost and I was told you can do it only through the webpage I provided above. It is a neat feature.

One more thing. I would like to try Ludus which has not been possible on version 4.x so far.

If you think of all the issues It looks like Turris 4.x is alpha version comparing to Turris 3.x.

Support for SFP on the TO platform:

  • is implemented in TOS4.x
  • automatic switching WAN <-> SFP is activated with the new u-boot version that ships from factory with with the TO board revision CZ11NIC23
  • automatic switching WAN <-> SFP is currently not enabled on the other TO board revisions but can be switched manually nonetheless

The second CPU port is also activated in these branches

What exactly is not as good?

Anyway, I am not really certain whether it will remedy the issue you encountered with TOS3x. but if you want to give a it a go with the old u-boot you might want to read

:warning: just be aware of the potential hazard (bricking the node and requiring UART serial to recover)


I think I am happy following your response. You look like a knowledgeable person (based on replies not only here but somewhere else).

Just a last question. If newer u-boot is present comparing to Omnia 2019 version will I get newer one through updates?

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.

Reckon that is explained in

Thank you very much for the explanation.

I’m trying to find a reason why my TV tuner doesn’t work.
So why is the following output on Turris OS 4.0.5 (Omnia):

root@turris:~# zcat /proc/config.gz | grep EM28

When I only found em28xx.ko in the repository, but I can’t find em28xx_dvb.ko.

I think if it doesn’t work properly at all (not because of the version) i suggest you to create a separate post for it.

Unstable in the true sense of the word…

When I install Reforis, the tab of the browser goes to “Web site unavailable”. It’s like it’s frozen.
Even after I have started the update to 4.0.5, it takes forever, with the message no more memory…

“Failed to fork command /tmp/updater-busybox-jGcFEp/busybox: Out of memory”

The box runs already after the start with only 200MB free RAM what Netdata says, LuCI says only half.
And there I even turned off Pakon/Suricata meanwhile…
And that with absolutely minimal adjustment via Foris or LuCI, no special scenarios that are running here.

For the cash I would have gotten a good Fritzbox!..

Tinkering is fine, but if I have to be afraid before each update that it doesn’t work or that the memory is full again, then something goes wrong with the concept.

Best Regards

That is odd, and

It does not exhibit on my node which however does not deploy:

  • reForis (which is said to be in development)
  • pakon
  • ludus
  • sentinel
  • turris-survey
  • collectd

Today I noticed that I can not connect to Transmission, I thought that it completely fell apart, reinstalled and then the same. I can see that Turris has updated to version 4.0.5. Is someone also not working on Transmission?

Forum search provides

I think I have a similar problem here.

Why the command does not work /etc/init.d/transmission start ? It is the same in the browser on LUCI.

Just to check if it’s the same problem, or a different one. Do you see the “jail: not root, aborting: No error information” error in /var/log/messages as well? If so, it might be the seccomp hardening packages problem. Do you have the “Hardening (experimental) Seccomp tools for system hardening.” packages enabled in the Updater tab in Foris?

On a side note, I’m unable to run transmission (even wihtout seccomp) from the init script (or LuCi) after the update to 4.0.5 either. I didn’t have time to investigate yet, but it might as well be a new problem introduce in 4.0.5.

I have not yet found such information in the file /var/log/messages and I don’t have the Hardening package (experimental) either - in fact what is it for?

Just wondering why everytime there is TOS update …in Foris>WAN section it makes changes my “IPv6=Disabled” to “IPv6 = (Automatic DHCPv6)” . Plus “Wan6” interface is created (which cause some other issues with surricata related services, routing and such). So i have to change it back a and manually remove wan6 and restart network/firewall services.

Also i do not understand, but i have to “disable data collect” (wait for pkgupdate to finish), “enable data collect” (with email registration)…otherwise collect/sending reports is not working correctly.

Is there a way how to prevent this?

Then it is a different problem. Can you start transmission with transmission-daemon -g /tmp/transmission/ from the command line?

Hardening is for secure isolation of running processes. Since you don’t have it, you don’t need to worry about it.

@Pepe is there any timespan already in your mind, when all Turris Omnia owner will get this major update? I am thinking to update my Turris Omnia to Turris OS 4.0.5 within the next 2 weeks, but if the genera update would come within the next month, I would wait for it.