Turris OS 3.9.2 in RC!

Dear Turris users,

we just released Turris OS 3.9.2 into RC branch and you can start testing it.
What it contains? Mostly bunch of bugfixes and security fixes.

  • musl & busybox: use stronger password hash by default
  • kernel: update to the latest version
  • netmetr: fix configuration reset
  • updater: various small fixes
  • openssl, libtiff, socat, rsync, coreutils, php, irssi: security updates
  • tvheadend: update to the latest version
  • knot-resolver & unbound: fixes in local domains
  • suricata: fix startup issue on some routers, performance tweaks

If your run into regressions, please let us know!

UPDATE: Updated HaaS and more resilient fix for netmetr configuration overwrite

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Looks good, but does it contain a fix for the problem in the below thread? (I posted a patch in there you can use for reference)

Can’t see it on git, that’s why I asked.


SFSG, mainly (simple configuration, with Ubuntu container :wink:
Foris -> DNS -> Connectivity testing: taking forever, no results :frowning:
Sending data from uCollect: Offline :frowning:
Netmeter seems to work :wink:
Suppose no big problems, IFAIK :wink:

Turris 1.0 BRTFS, Openvpn client. OK

Turris Omnia 2 GB + NAS (Time Machine).
DNS test and Netmetr in Foris over https in Safari doesn’t work
for me (with per session exception). I sent the team my solution.
Without https DNS test and netmetr works.
Looks like everything’s ok.

The same problem with uCollect … other things not installed (Netmeter) or working (Connectivity testing)


it is not there yet, will be part of some future release, maybe a bigger one as it needs some testing whether it wouldn’t broke some older devices.

Today was released the next RC version of TurrisOS 3.9.2 :slight_smile:

we released another RC, which fixes socat (ucollect) on our Turris 1.x routers.

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