Turris OS 3.5.3 will be out soon

Another small update is reaching RC today and will be in all routers in day or two.


  • wget: fix that ensures that busybox wget won’t overwrite real wget
  • openssl: few security issues fixed
  • libpcap: few security issues fixed
  • tcpdump: few security issues fixed, mini version canceled

No new collectd :frowning:

Not this time (x.y.Z versions are about fixes, not features) but it will be in some bigger future version (3.X), we have it in to-dos :wink:

Please can you tell us if you know, when you will release 3.6?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey @Vaclav
And what about this feature?
Have you ever considered it? I haven’t gotten your response yet. Please let us know, in case you won’t implement it, I’ll do it by myself.


that is a big secret! Even for us :slight_smile: :innocent:

No, it should be out out in two weeks at the latest, but there is no official date.


That’s perfect! Thank you again!

I’m getting closer to all those e-mails :blush:

We are not planning to make something like that in the near future but patches and commits are always welcome!

Thanks for response.
Well, that’s a pity. I’m afraid that DIY solution won’t fit in Foris design and used technology (django or whatever you use for web-interface development), at least it’s a challange for me. :thinking:

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Two days and nothing…

My Omnia just report that the update is done.

I did updater.sh run manually and is updated. So update is avaiilable

It is true - you have to run “updater.sh” manually and the router will be updated.

Hm. Something is wrong on Turris 1.1
log - Pastebin.com (that’s old updater)

And when I tried to migrate once again (I did factory reset) to new updater it says the same:

  • grep MISSING$ /tmp/updater-lists/status
  • grep -qF base
  • die Missing list base
  • echo error
  • echo Missing list base
  • echo Missing list base
    Missing list base

And I tried also

echo $?

but it says 1

//EDIT: solved with: uci -q set updater.override.branch=“rc”

I didn’t have to run the updater manually. It automatically updated.