Turris OS 3.11 in RC!




Thanks for report. We were updating mosquitto due to security issue. I have checked it and indeed mosquitto packages somehow wasn’t compiled for Turris 1.x, while they’re compiled for Turris Omnia. I will see, if there’s anything what we can do.

Error: Signature validation failed
# pkgupdate
WARN:Branch overriden to rc
WARN:Script file:///usr/share/updater/localrepo/localrepo.lua not found, but ignoring its absence as requested
WARN:Requested package luci-i18n-ddns-en that is missing, ignoring as requested.
INFO:Queue install of libcurl/turris/7.62.0-1
INFO:Queue install of resolver-conf/turris/0.0.1-26
INFO:Queue install of curl/turris/7.62.0-1
INFO:Queue install of bind-libs/turris/9.11.5-1
INFO:Queue install of bind-client/turris/9.11.5-1
INFO:Queue install of bind-dig/turris/9.11.5-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-proto-ipv6/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-proto-ppp/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-app-firewall/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-theme-bootstrap/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-lib-jsonc/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-lib-ip/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-lib-nixio/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-base/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-10
INFO:Queue install of luci-mod-admin-full/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-3
INFO:Queue install of luci/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-turrishw/turris/0.4-3.6-1
INFO:Queue install of vim-full/turris/8.1-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-app-commands/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-base-en/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-10
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-commands-en/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-base-de/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-10
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-commands-de/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of ddns-scripts/turris/2.7.8-7
INFO:Queue install of luci-proto-3g/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-app-hd-idle/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of minidlna/turris/1.2.1-3
INFO:Queue install of luci-app-minidlna/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-app-samba/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-hd-idle-en/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-minidlna-en/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-samba-en/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-hd-idle-de/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-minidlna-de/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-samba-de/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-app-ahcp/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-app-mjpg-streamer/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-app-statistics/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-4
INFO:Queue install of luci-app-tinyproxy/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-app-transmission/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-2
INFO:Queue install of luci-app-upnp/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-app-wol/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-proto-openconnect/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-proto-relay/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-ahcp-en/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-firewall-en/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-statistics-en/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-4
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-tinyproxy-en/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-transmission-en/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-2
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-upnp-en/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-wol-en/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-ahcp-de/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-firewall-de/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-statistics-de/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-4
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-tinyproxy-de/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-transmission-de/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-2
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-upnp-de/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-wol-de/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-app-openvpn/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-i18n-openvpn-de/turris/git-18.318.25640-ae2537d-1
INFO:Queue install of ddns-scripts_nsupdate/turris/2.7.8-7
INFO:Queue install of ddns-scripts_no-ip_com/turris/2.7.8-7
INFO:Queue install of bind-server/turris/9.11.5-1
INFO:Queue install of bind-tools/turris/9.11.5-1
INFO:Queue install of bind-rndc/turris/9.11.5-1
INFO:Queue install of bind-dnssec/turris/9.11.5-1
INFO:Queue install of bind-check/turris/9.11.5-1
Press return to continue, CTRL+C to abort

INFO:Executing preupdate hooks...
INFO:Subprogram output: /etc/updater/hook_preupdate/05_schnapps.sh:
Snapshot number 108 created

INFO:End of subprogram output
INFO:Unpacking download packages
INFO:Checking for file collisions between packages
line not found
line not found
line not found
line not found
line not found
line not found
[string "transaction"]:323: [string "transaction"]:149: Collisions:
• /usr/sbin/named-checkconf: bind-check (existing-file), bind-tools (new-file)
• /usr/sbin/rndc-confgen: bind-tools (new-file), bind-rndc (existing-file)
• /usr/sbin/dnssec-keygen: bind-tools (new-file), bind-dnssec (existing-file)
• /usr/sbin/dnssec-settime: bind-tools (new-file), bind-dnssec (existing-file)
• /usr/sbin/rndc: bind-tools (new-file), bind-rndc (existing-file)
• /usr/sbin/named-checkzone: bind-check (existing-file), bind-tools (new-file)
• /usr/bin/dig: bind-tools (existing-file), bind-dig (new-file)
• /usr/sbin/dnssec-signzone: bind-tools (new-file), bind-dnssec (existing-file)

Update over foris also fails:

Error from 2018/11/20 00:56:27

Updater selhal:

[string "transaction"]:323: [string "transaction"]:149: Collisions:

• /usr/sbin/named-checkconf: bind-check (existing-file), bind-tools (new-file)

• /usr/sbin/rndc-confgen: bind-tools (new-file), bind-rndc (existing-file)

• /usr/sbin/dnssec-keygen: bind-tools (new-file), bind-dnssec (existing-file)

• /usr/sbin/dnssec-settime: bind-tools (new-file), bind-dnssec (existing-file)

• /usr/sbin/rndc: bind-tools (new-file), bind-rndc (existing-file)

• /usr/sbin/named-checkzone: bind-check (existing-file), bind-tools (new-file)

• /usr/bin/dig: bind-dig (new-file), bind-tools (existing-file)

• /usr/sbin/dnssec-signzone: bind-tools (new-file), bind-dnssec (existing-file) 


I looked at the evening, but I have never met such an error, why it failed, so in the morning I have reported this bug to @paja, who was more successful than me. He came with the conclusion that the error is related to uClibc, which we’re using on Turris 1.x and he was right.

Mosquitto packages for Turris 1.x. can be found in the nightly branch, which was compiled almost an hour ago and it will be included in the next RC.


Good finding! We’re looking at it.


Skipped RC, switched to nightly and mosquitto client nossl installed. I will switch back to RC when it is released.

mosquitto_sub version 1.5.3 running on libmosquitto 1.5.3.


I have the same / very similar issue, my SD card is about 3 weeks old …

root@TomasArouter:~# schnapps list
Warning, could not drop caches
Warning, could not drop caches
parent transid verify failed on 79052800 wanted 2186 found 2096
parent transid verify failed on 79052800 wanted 2186 found 2096
Ignoring transid failure
parent transid verify failed on 65503232 wanted 2088 found 1950
parent transid verify failed on 65503232 wanted 2088 found 1950
Ignoring transid failure
ERROR: child eb corrupted: parent bytenr=79052800 item=12 parent level=1 child level=1
Warning, could not drop caches

There is plenty of free space:

Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/mmcblk0p2         7539712    647700   6841964   9% /


With the help of @cynerd, I was able to found what’s wrong about it. I did the required changes to the Makefile of bind. Tested them in my branch and the changes look good, so I have pushed them to the nightly branch. If everything goes well as it should, it will be included in the next RC.

I will send the changes what I did to OpenWRT, and I’m curious what they will tell me about it.


Unfortunately, my experience with BTRFS shows you just will encounter issues like this regardless of kernel version. I had broken BTRFS filesystems on Omnia internal memory, on external harddrive connected to it, and yesterday even on my raspberry Pi running kernel 4.14. So I accepted the fact that everything important saved on this filesystem just has to have a backup with verified restore procedure…


Weird. I’ve been using btrfs on almost all my systems (and data) for years (but x86), and I can’t remember any data loss. Anyway, it’s always risky to have important data only on a single device, even if you had flawless FS and HW.


The same here - bad experience with BTRFS … cca 3 times colapsed


Another minor update, just few minor issues fixed and few minor updates. Dropped DNS over TLS from promoted features as some people are experiencing some issues and need more investigation.


There is a small issue in current RC version … when I try to activate data collection I get the error:


I have no backups.


Thank both of you for reporting these issues to us.
@Nones, would you please try it later and see if the issue persists?
This issue happens, when the registration code isn’t generated. The registration code is generated per hour.
However, you can speed it up with this command:


@commar: This one is a little bit harder.
My Turris 1.1 in RC have them, so tomorrow we’ll look at it. We’d need to reproduce it.

Wow, I have noticed the Czech translation and most of our translations including Czech are driven by the community. Based on your screenshot, I corrected those translations, which haven’t been translated well.
If you want or somebody else wants to improve the translations or translate it into other languages, we’ll appreciate it. This can be done on Weblate.org.


I had a lot of backups on the server.
Turris 1.0, last RC 3.11


Sorry, the bug is with the old ipad 2. It’s ok in the PC.


@Pepe … my issue still persist.


@miska @Pepe

I was wondering whether this issue is getting solved with TOS 3.11. It would be easy to solve but since the 3 months from when it been reported there are no commits mentioned, milestones been pushed and finally removed altogether. Nor is there any feedback of why there is no development?


Missing WiFi after last update (yesterday night). Fortunately another reboot (today morning) did help :wink:


Thanks for reporting! We’re looking how we can fix it as it is related to curl update.

If there’d be anything new, I’ll tell you.