Turris OS 3.11 in RC!

Dear Turris users,

we just released Turris OS 3.11 into RC. This release is pretty big and brings quite some new or redesigned features. So we hope for some wide testing.

One of the cool features in celebration of the nice round release number is experimental support for samba 4. You can try to replace samba36 with it.

Our web interface Foris was migrated to Python3 and we are switching to a new approach to the first time configuration of the router. Regarding the configuration itself, some parts were rewritten a little bit and we added support for forwarding DNS queries to few selected public DNS resolvers (with knot resolver some of them even using DNS over TLS). We are also testing different approach to displaying results in Pakon plugin. We tried to integrate various third party web applications better - you can check it out on base url of your router (for example

Apart from various updates, we are also shipping first part of our new data collecting and firewall distributing system Sentinel in this release. How to test it and more information in general about it will be available later in separate post.

Full release notes are as follows:

  • foris: migration to python3
  • foris: wizard replaced by guide
  • foris: small cleanups and rearranging
  • sentinel: first parts of new data collection engine
  • samba4: experimental support
  • unbound: update and support forwarding to predefined servers
  • better integration of third party web applications
  • knot-resolver: support forwarding and DNS over TLS for predefined servers
  • various package updates

Hope you will enjoy the new features and as always, we welcome any feedback regarding this release.


Known issues:

  • invalid email address results in crash (gitlab)

Is knot-resolver caching?

Yes, it caches in all its modes.

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OpenSSL been tagged for 3.11 and did not make it?

Too huge change, would delay the release for too long, so we decided to stick to the previous still supported release.

Does not help with packages relying on the update of OpenSSL to 1.1.x.

Notwithstanding the gitlab issue shows 0 development activity for 2 months and of course now the milestone been entirely removed, again… how convenient.


firstly, we’ve got plenty of issues and features introduced in 3.11. A lot of them are not created in Gitlab at all as we don’t track all of them. The priority of the issues is determined dynamically, based on what’s crucial, what’s needed and what can be postponed. The milestone we assign is just for brief orientation what we like to do 'till given release.

Secondly, your post is unnecessarily offensive. It does not help neither Turris users nor developers. Please follow good manners in future. Otherwise I will have to hide it or delete it.

Thank you for your understanding.


Not disputed/questioned and thus unclear why stated as such?

No transparency in the decision making, been discussed at various other occasions.
Samba4 experimental is crucial now but updating OpenSSL is rather not? What criteria is such assessment based on?

That is the first solid statement about how TO considers milestones. Where I come from milestones are used to assess performance, whether milestones are met or not (aka deliverables). So, perhaps a misconception my end then and removing the milestone entirely makes now sense indeed.
Just why milestones being entirely removed only from packages that I am asking about in the forum and not from other packages however is rather curious.

Since I posted it that way I may have failed to comprehend your interpretation of the insinuated bad manners and being offensive and thus appreciate your clarification in this regard. Just making such bland statement without bearing justification is hardly constructive.

If you feel the need to suppress comments that are not necessary in favour of the way packages maintenance is performed by TO, and nothing has changed in this regard for the past few months, then as the project and forum owner you are certainly at liberty to do so.

It does not help the user however if crucial packages are not being updated in a timely fashion and thus being the root cause of asking questions about package maintenance.


Amount of work needed versus benefit to our users. If you don’t agree, feel free to do the work and submit pull request.

Not applicable. There are maintenance updates available in timely fashion which are important to the users, but that does not apply to feature updates that are much less relevant in most cases.


Please keep on topic, off-topic posts will be deleted.

After installing RC 3.11, /etc/config/user_notify was replaced.

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Thank you for trying the RC version. We appreciated it, and we’ll look, if there’s anything that we can do about it. I’ll reply to you when I’d receive more details for this issue as I passed your feedback to the developer, who made this change.

The same issue on my router … at 3.11 RC and nightly version too.

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Thank you for the report, we are working on fixing it.

If I enter a invalid email address in Foris/Maintenance (missing @), the site crashes.
Please treatment the bug.

(Foris 98.16)

Thank you for reporting this. I created issue for it on our gitlab. Could you please provide more info (such as exact error message)? https://gitlab.labs.nic.cz/turris/foris/issues/130

Turris 1.0

The Statistics section is not visible, only Results and Overview (new)

Yep, Overview replaced statistics, we hope that it provides better insight.