Turris OS 3.11.3 in RC



The likely culprit is the outdated netifd in TOS3.x, which probably will not get fixed any more in TOS3.x branch but only TOS4.x. I had similar issues with ipv6 on the wan and had to disable it too..

Since your connection is PPPoE and thus require kernel-modules the seqfault could be very well related.


Changelog of Turris OS 3.11.3 RC4

Package updates:

  • updater-ng: fix for localrepo (mentioned here)
  • foris-controller-openvpn-module: compression logic updates (Gitlab issue)
  • kernel: update

Security updates:

  • openssh: update to version 7.9p1-1 (fixes CVE-2019-6109, CVE-2019-6111)
  • unbound: add patches for OpenSSL 1.0.2 host verify fix from Unbound
  • tiff: fix for CVE-2019-6128


update from RC3 to RC4 went ok. unbound patch seems to be working. no issues thus far in the logs


just update to RC4 2x omnia routers, working without any issues

16:09:34 err modprobe[]: failed to open /lib/modules/4.4.172-7bc33afbb1b35f5830b2b1b42c9cd8a0-0/blocklayoutdriver.ko

Are these okay during the update?


just updated to RC4 on my omnia, no issues.


Yes, the newest RC also runs well on my Omnia.


For me, UPnP still doesn’t working :frowning: I don’t know if ISP can block this feature or if it is bug in Windows 10 Pro x64 1809, but still I see “no active redirections”. My uTrorrent is set correctly, service is enabled and started. I don’t know :frowning:


The part around your ISP is about your router (its WAN) getting a public IPv4. Well, theoretically they might specifically block torrents, as I’ve heard such ideas from ISPs already but they don’t seem too common nowadays.


I tested all high ports from 1024 to 65535 TCP and UDP and all are closed. :frowning: Is possible that my issue is in Knot resolver on my Turris 1.x? Maybe I see problem, where it isn’t.


I can’t see how DNS would be related. There’s still no knot-resolver package for Turris 1.x, too. (Unbound is the default resolver in there.)


So i really don’t know. I also tried WiFi connection directly to router to bypass switch, but without effect.


Did you see UPnP server not running? ?


I tried both commands, without effect :frowning:


The Pakon is too wide again.


OpenVPN plugin still doesn’t work:


It seems like Windows 10 1809 issue, 'cause I haven’t Teredo Adapter in Windows, and actually is no way, how to install It back, I try UPnP connection on computer with Win7 x64 and write update.


Changelog of Turris OS 3.11.3 RC5, which we have released now.

Package updates:

  • netdata: update to version 1.12.0 (for Turris Omnia)
  • youtube-dl: update to version 2019.02.18
  • bird: update to version 1.6.5
  • dnssec-rootkey: removed old DNSSEC key
  • dovecot: compile fix
  • updater-ng: update to version (fixes turris/foris#146)
  • kernel: update

Known bugs:

  • openvswitch: is missing due to compilation issues


update from rc4 to rc5 went ok, thus far no issues lodged in the logs


I updated from RC4 to RC5, no issues so far for this RC.

The last few updates I do see an error from netdata, any info on how to fix this netdata error in the logs?
2019-02-22 13:53:34 err netdata[9252]: BTRFS: failed to read ‘/sys/fs/btrfs/490430d3-794d-4d61-a795-daa1e1e1b126/allocation/data/total_bytes’