Turris OS 3.10.8 in RC

Dear Turris users,

we have just pushed 3.10.8 into RC. It contains kernel update where we dropped a patch that could cause a panic in some circumstances. Apart from that just few minor updates. One of them is Nextcloud, but we are still sticking to 13 branch. Nextcloud 14 will be part of 3.11 release as it needs some tuning.

Full release notes are as follows:

  • kernel, nextcloud, btrfs-progs, php: update
  • kernel: drop blkio LED trigger as it was causing some issues from time to time
  • pakon: more robust database maintenance

If you run into some issues, let us know, we don’t expect any so we expect this to go out pretty quickly.

Right, there goes another release (3rd one in a row) neglecting to update unbound:weary: whilst upstream in the meantime pushed another version bump with bug fixes

But perhaps not a surprise considering:

I’d like to remind you that default DNS resolver on Turris Omnia is Knot Resolver.

More importantly, it is import part of the system for Turris 1.X and needs to undergo quite some testing before update is released so not in small releases that we want to push fast, wait for 3.11 :wink:

Fine, will be interesting to see how many increments of 3.10.x it takes to get to 3.11

What I do not get is why updates of userland packages, that are not compiled against the kernel, are tied to TOS release rather than being released independently when done testing.