Turris OS 3.10.7 in RC

Dear Turris users,

we just released Turris OS 3.10.7 into RC. It contains just few minor polishing touches to 3.10.6. Fixing missing symbols in ath10k-ct, updating kernel and wireguard and fixing lighttp config file for people who manually altered it. Full release notes are as follows:

  • kernel, ath10k-firmware, wireguard: update
  • ath10k-ct: fix missing symbols
  • lighttpd: fix manually edited configuration file

As scope is really limited, we don’t expect long testing and hope to release it soon, but if you find some regressions, please let us know.

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Update: Now it works, nevermind.

I get an error in the “About” of Foris of not sending firewall logs.

|Device |Turris Omnia - rtrom01|
|Serial number |foo|
|Turris OS version |3.10.7|
|Kernel version |4.4.157-0a333a8e606ab056173befac424900d2-1|
|Sending of uCollect data |Online (status updated 57 seconds ago)|
|Sending of firewall logs |Unknown status|

unbound 1.8.0 is again not making it despite its milestone 3.10.7 and long list of bug fixes? :disappointed:

How long to wait now for a major component to stay in sync with upstream releases?

This release is meant to be polishing one and not disruptive thus so no big changes that need wide testing.

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For one that does not answer the question

And secondly what is the purpose of setting a milestone in gitlab and then just neglecting it, or perhaps pushing it forward again and again? Renders the concept of milestones rather redundant. :weary:
Sounds familiar as the lack of a road map.

This is an additional tiny release step that wasn’t planned. It could be called e.g. IMHO :slight_smile: but that would have other downsides.


Ok, I unset the milestone to make you happy :slight_smile:


of course, such evasive sarcasm (very mature) is the way to user satisfaction and gets the package updated for sure. :rofl:

Perhaps you want to remove also the milestones for other packages that were slated for 3.10.7, or those for 3.10.6, 3.10.4, 3.10.1 …