Turris Omnia WiFi Module Upgrade - Help!


can someone please tell me which WiFi cards are now supported in the Turris Omnia? I have the original set up and would like to upgrade the 2.4GHz and 5GHz card to the latest standards and speeds.

Thank you!!

This thread, I suppose?

Latest stable standard for Turris Omnia (both hard- and software) is what is already installed on your router.
802.11ax (WiFi6) is not yet available for openwrt (for more information see the thread provided by @vcunat).
If you would like to use 802.11ac WAVE2 you should follow these steps:

  1. Buy a Compex WLE1216V5-20 (for EU use link, for other countries have a look at the official homepage) and 1 U.FL–RP-SMA-connector.
  2. For hardware and firmware installation have a look at this thread. There is also advice to use 3x3 WiFi-card as 802.11n-device; smaller WiFi-card is afterwards not needed anymore.
  3. Upgrade TOS to v.4.0 (link to current beta-version)
    Without upgrading you will not be able to use 160MHz-channels (which is done by newer hostapd only available in TOS 4.0 and higher) but at least MU-MIMO (which is done by firmware).

edit: If you want to reuse 3x3 WiFi-card as 802.11n-device (as descriped above), you need to order one additional diplexer from Turris staff (tech.support@turris.cz). If you choose to reuse smaller WiFi-card, no additional diplexer is needed. In both cases an additional antenna and pigtail (U.FL<->U.FL) cable is needed.