Turris omnia, Packet lost between networks


We have this problem with Turris Omnia:
Have an old phone gateway behind Turris Omnia router. Have two LANs, one WAN, no NAT, all is routed. But, sometimes (morelikely often) phone gateway is loosing packets. This old phone gw has hi ping even in same network (counting from 12ms down to almost 0, then is 12ms again, in cca 15 sec interval). But if I am trying to ping it from second LAN or from WAN (it’s allowed on firewall), sometimes is there a lost packet. Even nagios from second LAN has some short ping outtages and other phone gateways (I am not a manager, different networks) got some errors in logs. Problem is when you are making a call, there are outages in transmition.
Before Turris Omnia we had normal linux computer as gateway, and calls were without problems, no ping packet losts. Now I’ve changed router back to a new linux computer and it is ok.
All other trafic is great. WAN is OK, UTP to switch, then SFP+ to privider’s switch.

My question is, is there any way how to get info about these lost packets, why they are droped and where?

tldr; packet lost between networks on Turris, when changed to linux computer there are no packet losts.

Thank you

Some indication (where) could be derived by looking at the packet statistics on each interface that is involved in the traffic, on Linux nodes with common userland, e.g. tc -s q s | ip -s l

Other Linux userland to take a look at the packet path (issues) are traceroute or a bit more advanced mtr

Turning on martian (kernel variable log_martians) a/o firewall logging (and motoring logs) may help too.

Thank you , I will build test environment and try it

Check also whether PAKON | Suricata is installed/running on the O. If so stop/disable it and see whether it resolves the issue.

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