Turris Omnia no WiFi - not available anymore?

Dear guys,

when I first heard about the Turris Omnia project I was really pumped to get one, but didn’t have the money at that time. Now that I moved to another place and am connected to a synchronized 1Gbps fibre connection I’m thinking about upgrading my old RT-AC66U. As I’m using two UniFi APs for my wireless coverage I wanted to buy the Omnia without WiFi which as far as I remember was available some time ago. Now I only see two options, am I therefore right that the no WiFi Omnia is not available anymore?


You’re right. Its not available. Maybe they can do it for you. Ask them via email.
Or the other option is sell included cards with antennas…

I think as CZ.nic moved through the various indiegogo stages they both added and removed “support” perks.

I think it got removed once they moved into the ‘In demand’ phase (along with many other perks).

You could try to request it, they are pretty flexible, but it may cause them to run into logistical “problems” making it to complex for them to comply with the request (seeing they are already almost half a year passed due I can not blame them).