Turris Omnia MiniPCIE slot height


Can anyone inform me about the height of the MiniPCIE slots on the PCB?
I would like o know whether Turris Omnia will be able to accommodate cards like R11e-5HacT and R11e-2HPnD by MikroTik, which have the SoC at the bottom and a huge radiator at the top.

Also will a 17cm pigtail be sufficient to connect any card to any antenna slot within Turris Omnia? I’m planning to use 3 antennas for the 5GHz radio alone and extra 2 antennas (on the sides) for 2.4GHz radio.

there was similar question in the indiegogo comments, some months ago, but i didn’t find it again, sry…

edit: found it:

I don’t have an Omnia at hand, but the spacers below the cards are about 4 or 5 mm tall. There are some chips under slot 1 and 3 though, so safe estimate is ~3 mm (from the bottom of card’s PCB).

but regarding the cards: are you really planning to turn the volume up to 1W? seems a bit insane to me (no offense)…

and btw, there a still some other nice cards from compex around (on ebay and compexshop), like the WLE200NX or the WLE200N2-23, and the WLE300N5-22…

I prefer to have more powerful radios for the future and I’m not planning on running them at full speed now. WLE200NX cards are around 25-30USD + international shipping and for that combined price I get more powerfull MikroTik 2.4GHz radio with massive heatsink and a 2 year warranty in Poland, so MikroTik/RouterBoard cards are the best option for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for finding the info for me :slight_smile: