Turris Omnia LTE Question

Can the optional LTE modem for the Turris Omnia be used as the primary internet connection from my wireless internet provider rather than via a wired ethernet cable?

My wireless ISP provides its own modem/router with an antenna and SIM card. ISP said their modem/router had no proprietary software and that if Turris Omnia could support LTE and the ISP-issued AT&T SIM Card, I might be able to replace their modem/router with the Turris Omnia and their antenna.

Lastly, where can I find a list of compatible/reliable LTE Modem cards that I can install in my Turris Omnia?

In case it matters, I’ve just re-flashed my Turris Omnia (1.3/1GB version) to latest 4.0 OS.

Yes, I used my Turris Omnia for several years with only an LTE connection and no wired ISP. Just insert the SIM card and configure the APN.

I got the original LTE kit, but that modem died from overheating after many years of use. (I foolishly left the router in full view of a window, and it got baked by afternoon sun…) While the rest of the router still works fine, the LTE modem died. I replaced it with a Sierra Wireless MC7455, which works fine in MBIM mode, but support for MBIM is not bundled in Turris OS or OpenWRT. A long time ago I found files that would work with Turris OS 3, and I had to rewrite them myself to get working with Turris OS 4. I’ve just now upgraded to Turris OS 5 and had to rewrite them again. This time I’ve submitted the changes back upstream to OpenWRT so hopefully they’ll get merged. You can find the necessary files here


Yup. I use it on the road in the RV, works awesome.