Turris Omnia Limitations

I have a spare Turris Omnia with 2GB ram and am wondering what are the limitations of running UT on that device?

Do both wifi radios work? Can I run Bandwith Control, Web Filter, Virus Blocker, Application Control, Reports and Intrusion Protection at once, like I do on my U25 appliance? Should I install an internal drive for storage?

I’m thinking of installing Untangle on it and setting it up for one of my kids.


All of that scenerios, you mentioned, can be run directly with Omnia, including adding additional storage. Its powered by OpenWRT, hopefully with LEDE in the future, so you can turn it nearly into anything you want.

It’s a question directly to Untangle support not to Omnia.
I’m almost sure that TO is considered as own hardware by Untangle so you will have to pay for home licence or live with limited (free and lite) features like web monitor instead of web filter, no ssl inspector and so on…
Anyway please come back here after you will find out to share how TO performs with Untangle NGFW and what is feature availability. I’m interested too.

According THIS, TO is supported and should work. Maybe SW licence may be needed as @blbeczech82 has mentioned.

No offense but you’re not right. You can’t even compare those solutions - corporate firewall with SOHO router. From security perspective the edge router or firewall must be just router or firewall. I will never attach disk or anything else to it. TO is nice and powerfull SOHO toy I really enjoy and use it as storage and DVBT device and I really enjoy breaking and fixing it :wink: but it lays protected from WAN side by my Untangle DMZ from many reasons.
Btw. if I would like to have SMB on untangle up and running it’s possible because it’s still Linux :sunglasses:

I think it very depends on how you’re using it. On my Turris, I mean directly within TurrisOS, I use only firewall and router capabilities, everything else (any application, monitoring SW etc.) is running as standalone servers inside LXC containers, so it works like standalone servers in DMZ. And I am sure that firewall capabilities are the same as Untangle’s solution, because, as you mentioned, it’s still linux :slight_smile:
So I agree with you, firewall and router (inside the main running OS) should be ONLY FW and router…