Turris Omnia for sale in germany

Hello there,
i am going to sell my Turris Omnia in Duesseldorf, Germany.
Personal Pickup is prefered.
I bought it via the Crownfunding campaign, got it in Nov i guess and never used it.
Wonderful concept but not for me.


Which model - how much RAM? Some perk? And price?

And you are posting it in wrong section :wink: #market

Sorry for the wrong section.

I own Model RTR0M01
Wi-Fi, Black, 1GB
I payed 226 USD and never used it - it is brand new.
Make an offer please.

Hi Stefan, can you please find out the shipping expenses to Miami, USA ?
I cannot find any documentation re specifications of model RTR0M01 ?
I will offer you 210 Eur + shipping expenses, if specs are OK for me.
Best regards, Michel Sommerfeld

Hi @StefanG, is this still available? Would you accept to ship it to France?