Turris Omnia blocking dreambox from accessing internet

I have my dreambox dm900 connected to the turris omnia. The dreambox gets an IP address from the turris, but I cannot connect to the internet with the dreambox. I have used Putty to log-into the dreambox and tried traceroute and get “network unreachable”. I have two computers connected to the turris and they work fine connecting to the internet. It looks like the turris is blocking the dreambox, but I don’t know how to fix it. The dreambox shows up on windows 10 and I can use my PC computer to access the files on the dreambox.

Is there a network configuration in Dreambox?

Yes, network configuration.

Use interface = ON
IP address =
Primary DNS =
Netmask =
Secondary DNS =
Nameserver = (this is the turris omnia)

The Turris Ominia address and the Primary DNS should not end with “.0”. Maybe try “.1”, but it depends on your network.
You have DHCP ON, are those IP and DNS assigned by Turris Omnia?
Can you set a Gateway in the Dreambox? Can you ping Turris Omina from the Dreambox?


Thank you very much, it is working now. I changed the router IP to and now the dreambox can connect to the internet.

Yes, the DHCP set to ON means the turris assigns the IP and DNS. Yes, I can set a gateway on the dreambox it defaults to the router IP address. Yes I can ping the turris from the dreambox.