Turris Omnia as Synology NAS replacement


I have home NAS Synology DS213air and today Turris coming with NAS case i thinking change my Synology NAS to Turris but i have some qestion.

I use this feature on my Synology:

  • SMB Samba
  • ARP MAC sharing
  • Time Machine backup from MAC
  • Windows backup
  • NFS file sharing
  • Record with IP cameras to NAS easy Surveillance Station from Synology
  • 2x 4 TB hdd on EXT4 or Btrfs

Will be possible use all this on Turris Router with NAS case?

I am moderate user and with the instructions set everything. But i like easy setup “clik” and setup.

i found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eipH3EEWQI will be possible use with Turris?

For surveillance you can use ZoneMinder (linux, open source).

Yes, will work for sure, last time I checked there is samba 3.6 so unless you need some super new super cool AD features, you should be fine. It is possible to set it up even from WebUI by clicking around.

No idea about those, no idea what Mac or Windows uses for backup and ARP MAC sharing sounds weird, so no idea what is it supposed to be good for.

That one should work as well.

No idea how your IP cameras work or what software can be used to record them. Is ffmpeg enough?

This should work. Omnia uses Btrfs internally and as it is running Linux, ext4 will work as well. Not sure whether it will be possible to setup mounting of Btrfs via web, but worst case over ssh.