Turris Omnia 6.4.2 Inexplicably Lost Internet Access for All Wireless Connections

I just finished updating my two MacBook Pro laptops to latest version of Big Sur and iMac to Ventura.

All had working wireless connections prior to the upgrades, but now no longer can access the internet WAN even though both connect successfully to my Turris Omnia’s Wireless Network.

My second iMac running Monterey is connected to my Turris Omnia via Ethernet LAN and has no problems connecting to the Internet/WAN.

Have made no changes to my Omnia’s configuration settings.

Any suggestions for diagnosing/troubleshooting this strange problem welcome.

Strange… You can try to reset wifi settings in reForis and set wifi again.

I tried both resetting Turris Omnia’s WIFI settings and rolling back to a snapshot from 3 days earlier when things were working but that didn’t seem to help.

Got up this morning prepared to swap out my Turris router for a Linksys WRT3200ACM but found the problem had mysteriously resolved itself. All three computers connected wirelessly to my Turris Omnia could now access the internet.

Will keep a close eye on Turris Omnia’s behaviour going forward but remain completely at a loss as to what could have caused the connectivity outage for wireless devices.

This looks much more like an Apple bug :slight_smile:

Problem has returned for reasons I can’t quite fathom.

Have rebooted router, restarted wireless, but while all my wirelessly connected computers can successfully connect to my Turris Omnia router over its wireless 5g LAN, they NO LONGER CAN access the internet WAN.

How is it possible for my wireless computers to access my Turris Omnia admin consoles but not access the internet/WAN?

Especially when my computers connected directly to the Turris Omnia’s LAN ports via ethernet have NO problem accessing the internet.

That would point to the wlan interface not being in the br-lan bridge or not being in the LAN firewall zone… Did you try resetting the network settings?

Maybe the best would be to backup your omnia using schnapps export (just for sure), reset to factory defaults via schnapps rollback factory , see if it happens there, too, and rollback to your schnappshot and try to figure out what are the differences (e.g. using schnapps mount or schnapps diff).

Sounds like an option to try at this point.

I assume you mean exporting the current and/or selected past snapshot to a USB drive via the front port on the Turris Omnia…from which I can recover/restore if things go south…yes?

Does the USB drive have to be pre-formatted to a particular file system, e.g. BTRS, FAT, FAT32, EXFAT, etc?

When I attempted the following:

mkdir /mnt/usb
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb
schnapps export 9 /mnt/usb
umount /mnt/usb
rmdir /mnt/usb

The mount command balked that it doesn’t recognize my ExFat drive USB drive.

Alternatively, the command below:

schnapps export 258 /mnt/.snapshots

yields following message:

“Snapshot 258 was exported into localhost as /mnt/.snapshots/omnia-medkit-turris-258.tar.gz”

yet a ls -al of /mnt/.snapshots shows no file is in fact there.

Since cofiguration and rollbacks continued being problematic and out-of-sync, I did a factory reset of turris router, followed by a manual reflashing of Omnia’s long-in-the-tooth default firmware with a USB flash drive containing latest Omnia firmware that I downloaded from Turris.

After manually re-configuring my router all my wireless LAN computers can connect to the internet and other problems like email notifications not working were resolved successfully as well.

Moral of story is probably to keep both default snapshot and default firmware up-to-date.