Turris NAS speed

I have Turris 1.1 with NAS and attached external HDD via front USB 3 port (USB 3 HDD). I formated the drive from Turris SSH to ext4 and mounted it and created new share, but copy speed to the drive is only 11 MB/s. To be honest, I expected much more…

Is there something wrong or is it normal speed? Can I somehow improve it?

What is the speed of your ethernet from ssh client to your ssh server(Turris)?

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1 Gbit/s (direct connection via Cat6 patch kabel)

It is strange. I do have times faster speed. Quite old disk formated to ext4.

What speed? I’d expect something around 50-60 MB/s.

I have just about 36-40 MB/s read. And over 20 for writing. On a very old and shitty HDD.

There is probably something wrong with this turris or cables, because I just tested it at home on my another Turris 1.0 with only USB 2.0 and I am at the speed of ~35 MB/s writing which max of USB 2.0

I really doubt that something could be broken in Turris itself.

You said that you created share. OK. Which one? Samba? NFS?

We’re missing important informations. We dont have magic ball. I’m ready to help you, but please tell me these informations:

  • did you try it also from other PC?
  • did you try other protocol (rsync, ftp, NFS)?
  • HDD Is OK? No bad sectors?
  • samba version (try to upgrade it / setup it properly / play (tweak it) with settings)
    Also do you use any enclosure? Did you buy it from Aliexpress / eBay? Chipset used in SATA -> USB 3.0 could be fake/faulty.
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I use Samba (from this article https://www.turris.cz/doc/en/howto/nas)

HDD is OK and it’s original USB 3.0 external HDD (no enclosure) from Seagate.

But I found the problem - even though the cable is Cat 6, it’s probably damaged because when I changed the cable, it’s much faster.

So it’s been fixed. Thank you guys.

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Great. That is why I asked you about real speeds that your ethernet does. :slight_smile:


Just FYI - current speed is 70-95 MB/s (usually around 80 MB/s) for read and 50-60 MB/s (usually around 55 MB/s) for write of large files. Turris version 1.1 with today’s SW versions. Attached is Seagate Expansion Desktop, USB 3.0 - 2TB (STBV2000200) to the front USB 3.0 port…