Turris Mox upgrade - What do I need?


I ordered a Turris Mox Wired (4x GLAN Interfaces + WAN Interface) at the beginning of the Indiegogo campaign.

Now I want to upgrade my Turris Mox with following features / modules:

  • PoE
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8x GLAN Interfaces

Could someone tell me if my first order is still compatible with the features I want to get?
Thanks a lot. Is an upgrade for the case required?

My understanding is, that I’ll receive the 8x GLAN Interfaces automatically (replaced 4x GLAN with 8x GLAN). Is this correct?

Best regards


I’m sad that my request has 40 views already and there was no reply.
Is the modular concept of the Turris Mox too complex for many people?

It would be nice if someone can answer my request before the indiegogo campaign ends.
I want to support the developers.


If you have purchased Wired / Classic and you want 8 Ethernet ports, then you can use Ethernet upgrade from perk MOX Upgrades, where module C (4x GLAN) will be replaced by module E (8 x GLAN) and it will have a case for module E instead of C.

PoE and RAM is compatible with your first order.