Turris mox LTE problem (always disconnect after 1 hour or so)

I use to have no trouble with my LTE setup but now I don’t get why my connection is not stable, I can’t even download files that are more then 200mb !

I have a quectel EP06-E LTE card.
For some reason now I’m forced to make it works to:
1- disable LTE interface
2- Remove WWAN interface
3- change RAW-IP to Y
4- Add a new WWAN interface
5- Reenable LTE

And it works but after some time my connection completly drop and if I try the same thing again it doesn’t work at all and my LTE interface give an error like the network is unreachable.
I need to shutdown the mox, then wait 1 hour and repeat all I said before !

uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --get-signal-info
	"type": "lte",
	"rssi": -66,
	"rsrq": -19,
	"rsrp": -101,
	"snr": -60

I see no obvious error in the log.

If anyone has an idea, thanks by advance :slight_smile:

I manage to found a better spot for the router and now I get a better connection but it still stop working after a while:

  • I check dmesg and I have no error.
  • I check with “uqmi --get-signal-info” and the info is still the same nothing change I’m still on a lte connection
  • Via the luci interface the tx and RX value from my lte interface are stuck
  • uqmi --get-current-settings give an “out of call” message

I cannot understand why I can browse the internet download some packages and then it just stop and I cannot relaunch the connection without shutting down the router and do all steps to make it connect.

Is there something I’m missing, where should I look for ?