Turris MOX as router, NAS and LTE and possibly switch

I’m considering buying/backing new Turris MOX project,
But before I’d like to be sure I can use it as:
-regular WIFI/LAN router, I know it has openVPN client/server so that’s covered
-NAS, by that I mean being able to connect external HDD with USB 3.0 to it and access it (expected RW speed at least 30 MB/s)
-LTE, put in my SIM card and use it when I’m not home, countryside with LTE coverage
-possibly LAN switch, skip device SW completely when connected with cable, but it’s more SW question, and only nice to have, not requirement

Will “Early Bird” MOX: Classic" cover all that ?
It includes:
MOX A (Basic Module)
MOX B (Extension Module)
MOX C (Ethernet Module)
5 GHz (3×3 MIMO) WiFi Card, 2,4/5 GHz (2×2 MIMO) WiFi Card
SD card with Turris OS
MOX Case

thanks for your answers, I hope this project will be successful. In case not enough money are collected, will I get my money back ?

Yes, I (personally) believe it covers all except for missing an LTE modem. Note that if you buy an LTE modem, you’ll have to exchange it for the better Wi-Fi card (some info is e.g. in FAQ; only one “extension” module is possible). I’m not sure what you mean about switch (“skipping device SW”).

EDIT: now there’s a new chainable extension module, so that could be added to avoid the Wi-Fi downgrade.

I assume you’re right on the money-back question, though better wait for verification from someone on the Turris team.

thanks for clarification, so I’d have to buy LTE modem extra, and place it to the slot of one of the WiFi card, correct ? if so, that is something I can live with.

Theoretically LTE->USB modem might work. (I suspect it would need some SW/driver tweaks.)