Turris MOX as NAS


I wondered for some time what to do with a Turris MOX as I have a Turris Omnia with 2 GiB of RAM already. However, I may choose to implement a NAS as separate box to the Omnia for security reasons.

For using Turris MOX as a NAS that is connected via Ethernet I´d need a Turris MOX: Start package + a MOX module (boxed version), module B for 35 USD. Or can I just buy the Wi-Fi upgrade for 29 USD? I am not interested in WLAN. The Turris Omnia already does it just fine with 1 mW transmit power.

Also would 512 MiB be enough for NAS operation? If not I may probably wait for a more powerful base module? Or is a RAM extension module planned? Also would it take a mSATA or an NVMe based SSD?

Please advice, as I found no what to buy for using as a NAS section on the campaign page. Or even better: Offer a NAS bundle (without SSD).


Extending RAM should be impossible. The closest MOX can get is an alternative A module. 512 MiB is good for NAS, IMHO, especially as with SSD you don’t really need that much disk caching, thanks to lower drive latency.


First of all what I am writing to this topic is no way official. This is just my personal thing and has nothing to do with rest of the Turris team.

As an alternative for you. I am also in some need of NAS. And I also had idea to build it with MOX. Reasons are openness and that it’s something I closely know. Let me tell you what I am planning.
I bought board only MOX, specially core and extension module. Then from ebay I ordered mPCIe to 4 SATA card and four 3.5 inch SATA hot swap bays. I am planning to design and 3d print case for all of that. I also have to solve power supply somehow. I run no calculations yet but either I will design small extension card for sata power for mox it self or I will have to design separate power board. It depends on how much power I am going to need and how much can mox provide. But in general there should be enough space to add it. That should give me reasonable enough NAS (meaning not raid 1).

I also did some small price analysis. I still don’t know price of power supply and I don’t count 3d printed case but at the moment it’s around 50 usd for SATA card, 50 usd for bays and 84 usd for MOX. This includes shipping so you might get it even cheaper. That sums up to around 200 usd if I also add some margin for power supply. If I compare that with cheapest synology nas that I could found with 4 bays (price tag around 380 usd) then it’s pretty good deal. Specially if you consider that that specific nas supports only 2.5 inch drives (those are more expensive than 3.5 inch ones) and has same amount of ram and cpu with same speed.

But before you jump on hype train I am not yet sure that that mPCIe SATA card will work. Just so you know.

I am intentionally not posting ebay listings as I don’t want to promote some specific seller. But you should have enough key words to look it up on ebay. I might post some pictures when parts arrive. And of course, my designs will be completely open source.

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You need MOX: Start and if you want SSD, then boxed B module, but be aware, that it doesn’t have mSATA this time, just a mPCIe so you need the PCI SSDs, not the SATA ones. WiFi Upgrade is SDIO WiFi so it provides just what it says - WiFi - no PCI. Or you can go with Start and USB 3.0. Or as stated above mPCIe extension and some SATA controler.

512M is fine for NAS. And no mSATA SSDs.

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