Turris MOX as backup drop-in replacement for Omnia

Hello, I have Turris Omnia as main SOHO router with high availability dual WAN connection because my business can’t afford to go offline for any extended period of time. My problem is that if Omnia were to fail, I have nothing to quickly replace it with.

So I thought with upcoming MOX I might take it as active AP (Pocket WIFI edition) to extend Omnia WIFI range, but I’d also like it to second as temporary drop-in replacement for failing Omnia.

My questions:

  1. Can the configuration be exported from Omnia and imported to MOX?
  2. Without ethernet module there is only 1 ethernet port. Can it be used with single switch for both WAN + LAN? How hard is it to configure? Or do I need ethernet module to be able to route wired network?

Thanks in advance.

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If you want drop-in replacement you want a second omnia with the same configuration.
(I once knew of a place which had a second spare mainframe (like exactly the same) just because it might die)

Omnia is expensive piece of hardware to keep around, I don’t need all the capabilities, just something to keep basic operations running until Omnia is fixed/replaced. I thought MOX would be better solution than some other 3rd party router because it has same OS.

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IMHO routing can be done via single eth port and additional manageable switch using VLAN trunk. But in that case I would prefer to use similar setup also with Omnia and that brings me to dilema if Omnia is needed at all (especially when Wifi on Omnia is not used) and just two base MOX modules could be used.

Hello @Xeevis,
did you solve this please? Especially the first question: Can the configuration be exported from Omnia and imported to MOX?. I was wondering if it si possible somehow or should I buy second Omnia…?

This topic is more then two years old. Of course, you can share selected config files between Omnia and MOX. It’s depends on settings. But do you have so much dynamic config files?