Turris flash procedure, 5 red leds

I recently purchased the Terris Omnia. The installed version was 4 and the updater notified “inconsistent: Candidate exists for virtual package ath10k-firmware-qca9888-ct-htt”. I presume this means I’d have to update manually.

So I have written latest version to USB and followed the flash procedure described in the docs.

Currently, am waiting for the procedure to complete. The first five LEDs have turned solid red (since about 1-2 min into procedure, now 20 mins). I’m not sure how to interpret as it’s not a state mentioned exactly in the documentation. Is it a failure mode?

So… it occured to me I’d likely just hamfisted into mode 5 rather than 4. Tried again and the update completed in a minute. :blush:

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Re flash router

It is 4 LED’s , not 5 that you need. You’ll have to start again.

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