Turris as a second wifipoint

how to set up the turris omnia as a second WIFI point behind my original router?
(Ziggo connect box
Conform standaard specificaties : DOCSIS 3.0
Hardware versie : 4.01
Software versie : CH7465LG-NCIP-
MAC-adres : 54:67:51:D5:9D:93
Serienummer modem : DDAP62060B9D

IMHO its pretty expensive for just “dumb” AP.

What kind of “backhaul” you would like to use to connect Turris to your ziggo box? cable (LAN) or wireless (2,4/5 GHz) ?

if cable - disable all network services on Turris (DHCP, DNS, routing etc) and plug cable into some of LAN ports and configure wifi (try to use different channels than your box - I’m not sure how would clients behave if you use same essid and the ziggo and turris would not cooperate - as they would not - so I would recommend using different essid)

if wireless - you need to go deeper :expressionless: (insert DiCaprio meme):

It’s better to put Compal to Bridge mode and better router will be Turris Omnia.
Maybe better for you will be wifi bridge ( https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/recipes/bridgedap )

I had Compal for a while, but his administration was completely useless. It was made for newbies.

Just for clarifying - the mentioned wifi bridge mode is the “cable” option I’ve talked about

but if he put Ziggo(Compal?) box into bridge mode (I would also recommend this) he would use Turris as wifi router so Turris would be DGW and everything, or not?

Don’t know what is DGW, but if he put Compal into bridge mode , then Omnia would do everything. That’s what you mean?

Btw: When you put Compal into bridge mode, you can go to Compal’s administration by

Yes that’s what I mean :slight_smile: Default gateway. wifi bridge mode would not route between WAN and LAN.

So if OP would change Compal into bridge mode he will not use any of “our” guides.

Thank you, it worked.
Now I have a USB disk attached, how do i make it visible in my filemanager?

334.30 GB / 1.36 TB
76% (1.04 TB)

I’m not sure if you are thanking Pepe, me or both but never mind :smiley: I would be curious which of offered solution did you choose and got working.

regarding USB - what do you mean by file manager? some filemanager in Turris or in your PC? how do you want to share the drive? Samba? FTP? etc …

I’ll make a try - https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/recipes/usb-storage-samba-webinterface

Just use my turris as a second wifi point, wifi speed is not very different from my Ziggo connect box, not very impressed as for now.
I want to visualize the USB drive attached to the USB 3 port of the Turris in Windows as a networkdrive just as my Synology NAs drive which you can give a disk number like f and attacht it like “\diskstation\music”