Transmission library lost upon reboot


I noticed that the transmission download history is being lost whenever my Turris Omnia reboots. I’ve tried restarting the transmission process manually and I can confirm that the library survives restart of the transmission process. That means it’s somehow connected to device rebooting.

Does someone has an idea what might be the problem with device reboot? Thanks.

by default library and configuration file for Transmission are stored in /tmp (RAM) so that’s why you don’t have it after reboot.

You should plug to Omnia USB flash drive or HDD, mount it and use it for Transmission otherwise when you decide to store these files on eMMC you will wear out your eMMC really fast. :frowning:


Thanks a lot for the quick reply! I already had a drive attached but didn’t realise that /tmp is actually kept in RAM. I switched it to my HDD and it worked!