Transfer performance degradation

I am on TOS6 HBD, not sure if related to this, anyway i have constant problem with copy performance between devices. I have 2 devices, one on cable, second on wifi, if i copy from wifi device to cable device, performance is OK. But if i do it vice versa, the performance drops dramatically to cca 1 MB/s. Time to time that problem disappeared, i tried to make lot of tests to investigate, with different devices, but i did not find where the issue comes from.
Is there some hint, what to check? If i start bigger file to copy on that slow speed - the network generally is almost dead, i am not sure, what exactly check/monitor.

Any hints?

Try to install iperf3 and check the performance by running iperf -s on one device and iperf -c $IP_OF_SERVER on the other device. Try to switch server and client because generating the load uses some CPU and post the results on wifi and via cable.

Finally i realized, what is the problem. Problem makes my heating system internet bridge, which has 10 Mb/s half-duplex ethernet interface. Another device bridge for lights has 100Mb/s full-duplex, last is LAN cable to another 1Gb/s switch with storage and server on it.
If 10Mb/s device connected - speed drops to cca 10Mb/s on router switch, when client is sending data to router.
If i disconnect the cable of the heating system bridge, the speed immediately grows up to cca 100Mb/s.
If i disconnect also 100Mb/s device and only 1Gb/s cable to another switch is connected - speed is as should be.
Is it bug or?

I think the speed should be per port basis… Which TOS version are you using?

i use TOS6 HBD, due to AX cards on board.

Finally, as i did not find the solution, i had to create VLANs and put LAN3, LAN4 ports with 10Mb/s and 100Mb/s devices on separated VLAN. Then LAN0, LAN1, LAN2 is working on 1Gb/s speed properly.

Well done for finding a solution but I must say I find this very confusing… why do the other ports not involved change the data transfer speed? There should be auto-negotiation on each port without affecting the others… ??

I am not sure how to check, where the problem comes from, so VLAN is the only solution i guess, may be there is a bug and will be solved in new TOS6 builds (may be TOS5 has same problem, who knows).
Anyway, at least i was forced to make separated network for IoT devices and check, how to customize it on new DSA based TOS6.

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