Tracking my order in-country

It took a long time for my order to even show up on the postnl web site, but it finally did just before I left for Seoul. Unfortunately, although it’s apparently arrived in the U.S., I can’t track it further–the postnl web site just says this:

Date Status of Shipment Country of Destination
12-11-2016 19:15 The item has been processed in the country of destination UNITED STATES

This has been the status for ten days now. Is there any way to track it further? It hasn’t shown up on this end, and ten days seems like a long time for the USPS to take to deliver a package that likely went into their system on the east coast.

Put your PostNL tracking number into They do a great job of following the subsequent USPS tracking based on the PostNL tracking number.

It might be stuck in the customs. Based on the earlier writings here it might take 2-3 weeks for US customs to release it for delivery.

Based on the results from 17track, it does appear to have spent ten days in customs, and is now on the way here. Thanks for the suggestions, @tonyquan and @white.

I am a bit puzzled as to how 17track is able to get this information…

If I remember right 17track just puts the PostNL tracking number into the USPS website.That actually works once the item is in a United States post office.

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Are these not allowed to be shipped to the US and China because they do not have the NSA’s Random Number Generator backdoor, like other security apppliances? NSA Backdoor

There are plenty of US owners of the Turris Omnia on these forums (including myself).

Thanks - so why can they not be shipped here?

I’m not sure what you mean…mine was shipped to me from CZ.NIC’s designated shipper (PostNL). It transited US Customs, was given to the USPS and delivered to my door here in the US.

while we had the campaign on Indiegogo, we were shipping all around the world. Since the campaign ended, we are selling through distributors and resellers you can check on We don’t have distribution everywhere yet but we are working on it.