TOS6 and IPv6 loss, still happening?

Quick question to current TOS6 users:
There are reports of IPv6 not working properly at least when VLAN filtering is used.
Can any TOS6 tester confirm whether or not IPv6 works with current TOS6 candidates?

I was using 6in4 tunnel from HENET and it worked. I stopped the interface because of limited speeds and added latency but it worked. What IPv6 implementation are you using? And what does not work?

Edit: And yes my network is segmented with VLANs


I am on a full DualStack link over PPPoE link. Having seen an yet unresolved issue with IPv6 connectivity (see (HBL) TOS6.0 breaks IPv6 TCP connectivity (#828) · Issues · Turris / Turris OS / Turris OS packages · GitLab) I have so far refrained from switching to HBL… but if that is working I have little reason not to make the switch.

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Make a schnapps snapshot upgrade test for yourself and if it doesnt work then switch back.

I have also PPPoE DualStack, but still on TOS 5. Any feedback appreciated.

The IPv6 packet loss does not occur on tunneled interfaces, only if you have IPv6 on physical WAN port.

Sure I will go and test it, however my family will appreciate me doing due diligence before inflicting an update that might go boink (especially doing so when I am away).

I guess I will go and test it.

Hrm, I guess I should be fine PPPoE after all establishes a tunnel?

No idea, try it please, but I guess it should be fine. The problem appeared only with the native v6 connectivity.

Any news on that?
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Not yet, due to the TOS6 to hbk delay and me wanting to run a test with a known baseline I postponed the switch likely to next weekend.
Will report back…

Sidenote: back during the switch from TOS4 to TOS5, I think I was using the omnia still as secondary toy* router, so was much more eager/open to testing, but since then it has become the family work-horse and I am sensitive to not degrade service unless I can fix/revert quickly. And I am too stingy to buy a second omnia just for keeping a cold spare of the respective old and known TOS version. I guess I will need to look into schnapps a bit more to see how easy/quick I can revert in case of problems (I just wish I had tested that functionality back in the omnia as a toy phase).

*) That was not intended, but for my initial 50/10 internet plan my old WNDR3700v2 was still going strong and allowed my to keep using OpenWrt snapshots for testing newer features, only after upgrading to 100/40 the wndr had reached its limits (sqm with 49/29 as that was the limit for bidirectional shaping) and I switched to the omnia; but now I do not want to go back to the wndr not even as a cold spare :wink: (it is my glacial spare that will need a complete reconfiguration if ever needed)


getting back to older snapshots has always worked well for me… but that’s not a detailed statistical analysis :neutral_face:

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